Shozen Jay Sato


I was born as an illustrator, and raised as a designer. In my hands, i have always carried two invisible bags. On my left, is a bag of 'innovation'. And on my right, is a bag full of 'imagination'.


Publications International Limited [2007-2008] Illustrator
:: Illustrating puzzles and information graphics for monthly publication.

Keck Garrett Advertising [2007] Illustrator
:: Conceptual character development and logo design for an educational packet.

Tandemodus [2007] Designer
:: Publication + collateral designs.

Mess Marketing [2007] Designer + Art Director
:: Worked with a team of designers and art directors on re-branding products
and other creative explorations.

Fluid Content [2006-2007] Designer
:: Designed marketing presentation for print, and web materials.

Bagby and Company [2006] Designer + Art Director
:: Worked with a team of designers and art directors on re-branding products
and other creative explorations.

Gate39Media [2005] Designer
:: Designed materials for Japanese clients and corporate print work.


Columbia College Chicago // Portfolio Center
[2006-2007] Designer
:: Designing brand identity + collaterals + packaging

Columbia College Chicago // International Admissions
[2002-2007] Assistant Supervisor
:: Worked as an assistant supervisor to the Dean of International students.

Columbia College Chicago // International Student Organization
[2005-2006] Designer
:: Designed promotional materials and curated exhibits.

Columbia College Chicago // Columbia Passport [2004-2005] Designer
:: Created the logo for the Passports newspaper, designed graphic clip
arts, and illustrated the covers.

Quality Quill Publishing [2003-2005] Designer + Creative Director
:: Designed logos, layouts, covers, and varieties of promotional materials.


ADOBE Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Affect Effects / Acrobat Professional
Traditional illustration

Teaching conversational and low level english as a second language


English / Japanese / Filipino


Columbia College Chicago [2002-2007]
BFA :: Art + Design :: Illustration

Oxford Seminar [2007]
Certification for Teaching English as a Second Language


Columbia College Chicago
Academic Excellence Scholarship 2006



Buzz Company Art Gallery

Live Art + NOVEM STUDIOS, Moonshine

Sketchy 4, Columbia College Chicago


WaPop :: Japanese Contemporary Art, Columbia College Chicago

Cafe de Graphix II, Gourmand Cafe

Live Art + NOVEM STUDIOS, Danny's Tavern


Cafe de Graphix, Gourmand Cafe


Art of the Library, Columbia College Chicago

World Enigma, Columbia College Chicago


Columbia College Chicago, New York TIMES

Slick Little Book :: New Student Orientation, Columbia College Chicago

The Informer [2007-2008], Columbia College Chicago

Brain Games 5 [2008] Publications International Limited

Promotional Poster [2009] Gyosei International Primary School

The Happy Size "Mata Aeru Kana" EP [2010] JASRAC